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To all those trade show exhibit builder dinosaurs that are still at it – Keep It Going! It seems there are less hatchlings out there that we can nurture and if they do hatch they want to leave the nest all too soon.

If you are a trade show exhibit builder, designer, fabricator, I&D person etc., the narrative is usually that you made it here by accident.

We all know that exhibit design schools have grown in the last few years. I’m not sure if there are any tech schools that offer programs for trade show exhibit production. I’m sure there might be but I’m not aware of any.

Exhibit building is unique to the ever expanding world of new materials and technology. It takes a unique individual to master the talent of building a trade show exhibit. Maybe you know someone who is unique or someone that doesn’t yet know they can be unique?

Let’s spread the word that building trade show exhibits and displays can be a great experience. An experience like no other!

– Trade show dinosaur of 37 years.

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